Sonic Irrigator/SISA’s

Refurbished and Upgraded by the Experts at ESED!

The SI SA offers automatic cleaning for up to 12 cannulated instruments, within a 15 minutes uninterrupted cycle. The SI SA will fill, dose, flush and empty at the touch of a button, making this system versatile and easy to use.

Sonic Irrigation

  • Enhanced sonic generator
  • User friendly control system
  • USB port connectivity (DocBox)
  • 10 Gallon tank total capacity
  • Automatic fill on detergent process
  • Process up to 12 cannulated instruments
  • Intuitive basket docking system
  • Process Interlocked lid
  • Water re-utilization program
  • Traceability system compatibility

The versatile SI SA system offers a water utilization mode the machine will fill and run the cleaning cycle automatically with auto detergent dosing, irrigation and ultra sonics. At the end of cycle water can be drained automatically when acknowledged by user or reused if required.

The SI SA has twin CPE (Cannulated Pulse Enhancement) irrigation systems offering a higher lumen flushing capacity and throughput over conventional ultrasonic cleaners.

No other equipment actually ensures that the insides are scrubbed and flushed as well as the outside. By connecting the instrument to the Irrigation Flush port, the sonically charged jet of fluid is directed along the inside of the instruments, thus providing an efficient cleaning process.



Refurbished and Upgraded by the Experts at ESED!

Item #: CE-SISA


  • Thermostatic heater protection
  • Electronic fluid level control to protect heater and pumps
  • Electronic Ultrasonic activity monitoring system
  • Fused L & N
  • Fused Ultrasonic Generator
  • Automatic lid sensor cut-out
  • Water backflow protection with AB type air gap

Equipment & Performance:

  • Sonic Irrigator Quick Load Slide and Lock compatible
  • Horn transducers
  • 2 x Cannulated Pulse Enhancement (CPE) units
  • Variable pulse pressure 14 psi nominal (29 psi max) each
  • Cavitation (10,000psi)
  • Audible alarm
  • Key process parameter monitoring


  • Fully automatic cycle control
  • Optional repeat wash in manual mode
  • Automatic water level sensors
  • Automatic detergent dosing
  • Actual/Wash temperature set
  • Friendly user control keypad
  • Automatic Quick Drain System
  • RS232 output
  • Intelligent port/printer port
  • Key process parameter monitoring


Manufactured in the UK under Medisafe’s ISO 9001/13485 quality program


Use Cutting Edge Medi-Zyme to digest post procedure residue. Supplied in 2-2.5 Gallon bottles Item # AA.1900


For internal and external cleaning of fine surgical instruments and other lumen instruments

Dimensions External:

  • H: 400 (15.74”)
  • W: 720 (28.34”)
  • D: 570 (22.44”)


83.7 lbs with accessories


12 MIS Instruments 4.4 lbs General Instruments

Electrical Supply:

110 – 120 Vac 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Electrical Power:

2 KW

Water Supply:

Softened cold and hot water


For indoor use at altitudes up to 5,741 ft

Operating temperature:

50-104 °F


  • 80% for temperature up to 87.8 F decreasing to 50% at 104 °F
  • Designed for pollution degree 2, i.e. not totally sealed


High grade corrosion resistant stainless