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VacioPak Systems/ Sterility Transport Assurance

Item# VP.100

VacioPak is a vacuum storage and transport system that helps protect the integrity of your sterile barrier, thereby helping your instruments stay sterile.

VacioPak is proven to save money for SPD / CSSD / ORs around the world, by avoiding cancelled operations, re-reprocessing of sterile sets, and damaged instruments. 

In comparison with using containers, VacioPak is a cost effective method, and is safe and secure solutionf for storage and transportation of wrapped sterile instruments.



VacioPak Systems/Sterility Transport Assurance

Say NO to:

  1. Unexpected non-sterile sets before surgery
  2. Resultant delays in the OR
  3. Unnecessary reprocessing costs
  4. Time wasted on packing and unpacking

Say YES to:

  1. Safe and  secure storage and transport of wrapped sterile instruments
  2. Longer shelf life of sterile sets
  3. Clear advance indication of damaged packaging
  4. Reliability and cost savings

Technical Specs:

Model Sealing Machine VP.100 Vacuum Unit VPPA300
Power Supply 120 V/60 Hz.* 120 V/60 Hz.*
Current Drain (Approx.) 7.9 A 0.2 – 6.5 A
Current Consumption (Approx.) 1.820 W 800 W
Dimensions (Approx.) 31 x 13 x 7 inches 15 x 4 x 10 inches
Weight (Approx.) 24.9 Kg 7 Kg

* Also available in 115 V/ 50 Hz

Documentation (Downloadable Files):

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