Autoclavable Rigid and Flexible Flat Brushes

These reusable / single-use autoclavable flat brushes are specially designed for effective pre-cleaning of a wide range of surgical instruments.

  • Available in different grades of hardness, ranging from Extra Rigid to Extra Flexible
  • Transparent polyamide fibers ensure high bristle quality and allow for quick verification of its cleanliness
  • The plastic used to create the handle enables elimination and washing without the release of toxic components
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable hand grip
  • Latex free


Item Number Product Details Packaging
50-40917 8.66″ long, Autoclavable REUSABLE, extra rigid brush (BLUE) PKG (3)
50-40918 8.66″ long, Autoclavable REUSABLE, flexible brush (GREEN) PKG (3)
50-40919 8.66 long, Autoclavable, REUSABLE, rigid brush (YELLOW) PKG (3)
50-40920 8.66 long, Autoclavable, REUSABLE, extra flexible brush (RED) PKG (3)
50-40921 8.66″ long, Autoclavable, Single use, rigid brush (ORANGE) PKG (3)
50-40922 8.66 long” Autoclavable, Single use, flexible brush (LIGHT BLUE) PKG (3)