Channel Valve / Control Cleaning Brushes

These brushes include an enhanced brush featuring a full head of soft bristles to aid in removal of gross material from the control head and valve openings.

  • Superior Brush Head Size and Density
  • Maximum channel surface contact
  • Valve brush with ergonomic grip handle
  • Brush head diameter allows for maximum mechanical scrubbing of the scope channel


Item Number Product Details Packaging
AA.24 4.3″ Valve Control Brush w/handle, SINGLE Ended -Large 10mm brush,  (RED) PKG (3)
AA.25 6″ Universal – DOUBLE Ended brush 5mm & 11mm (YELLOW) PKG (3)
AA.26 5″ LAPAROSCOPIC Trumpet Valve, DOUBLE Ended brush 5mm & 7mm, (WHITE) PKG (3)
40-18511 8″ extra long, Valve Reusable Cleaning Brush, Double Ended, 5/11mm/ can be steam-sterilized, (BLUE) PKG(3)