Replacements for Rechargeable WP Brush

We provide the replacements and accessories that may be required for the Rechargeable Waterproof Brush

Hard brush ideally used on:
– Reamers
– Rasps
– General Instruments

Fine Brush is ideally used on:
– General Instruments

Crevice brush is ideally used on:
– Gallipots
– General instruments

Scouring Pad is ideally used on:
– Bowls and receivers
– General instruments



Item Number Qty Description
AA.3701 1 Fine Brush Replacement (Pack of 4)
AA.3702 1 Hard Brush Replacement (Pack of 4)
AA.3703 1 Crevice Brush Replacement (Pack of 4)
AA.3704 1 Scouring Pad Replacement (Pack of 3)
AA.3705 1 High Capacity Battery (Pack of 2)
AA.3706 1 AC Adapter and Charging Dock (Pack of 1)