EBI-300-TE Bath Monitor Datalogger

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Item # 60042

Measure AND RECORD temperature in the SPD workplace, including wash and disinfection baths to provide documented proof of compliance with the requirements of AAMI ST79:2017 and manufacturer’s IFUs. Visible alarm can be set to show temperature out of the acceptable range. Min/Max temperature easily shown on display. Simple download of data by plugging directly into a PC USB port, with immediate creation of a PDF report. Use free Winlog.Basic software for expanded reporting capability and programming. Reports include both Excel-readable file and 21CFR11-secured report file for data security.



Accuracy of ±0.5°C/0.9°F, 3% rH

Resolution of 0.1°/0.1% rH

Up to 40,000 records

Measurement frequency programmable between 1 per minute to 1 per 24 hours

Includes calibration certificate, SOP for SPD usage

Uses one CR2032 battery