TFI-550 Infrared Thermometer

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Item # 60012

Infrared Thermometer for sterilized load release. Know when the products have cooled to the release temperature and are ready to release to the OR. Without touching them and compromising the sterile barrier. Meet the requirements of AAMI ST79:2017 section 10.3.1. Includes user-settable overtemperature alarm for instant indication when the load is above the programmed acceptance temperature. Also includes a plug for a Type-K thermocouple probe (available separately) for contact measurements.



Accuracy of ±2°C/3.6°F

Resolution of 0.1°

Selectivity, 1foot spot at 30 feet distance from the item being measured

Includes calibration certificate, SOP for SPD usage

Uses two AAA batteries

Dual laser pointer to pinpoint exact location of measurement

Type-K thermocouple probe plug connection